Custom Headers


We manufacture custom headers to suit your needs.  We buy the flanges and a box of pre-bent pipes, then cut and fit the pieces to create each pipe.  Each pipe is then welded and fit to the flange and collector.  Most of our Headers are made so the tubes are equal in length, from the Flange to the Collector. If there is room around the engine, ground clearance and firewall.  Having equal length header tubes will give a significant increase in horsepower and torque.

We have many different options in the department.

Vehicle Type

Use of vehicle

Engine type

Head Type

Port shape

Spark plug Location

Accessory location (alternator, power steering etc.)

Ground Clearance

Running inside or outside the Frame rails

Tube Diameter

Overall Tube Length

Collector Type

Collector Length

Ceramic Coated - yes or no

Painted - yes or no

If painted, what color

Header Wrap


In order to custom make headers for you we need to have your vehicle for about 1 week.




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ehaust pipes headers