FWD or RWD Conversions


Most cars today and for the last 20 years are Front Wheel Drive (FWD).  This has stopped most people from modifying their car.  At least in the form of a fast street machine.


Well for those of you who wish to have the look and stance of Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) in their cruise machine, we can help.

For those who want to go real fast  with RWD.  Maybe a V8 and real big tires and a tough looking roll bar, like a Pro-Street Machine, we can help.

And for all you racers out there, you no longer have to race and old 60’s or 70’s car to go fast. Most newer cars are much lighter and more aerodynamic. Save the old 60,s and 70’s cars for the restoration guys, their worth more that way.


There are many ways to change the front suspension and there are a lot of manufactures out there who make front suspension parts. Which is best for you and your application.


In the older days street rods had Camera front clips, then the trend was Mustang 2 front clip. Now a days the trend for the street rod seams to be Prowler style front suspension.  Another big thing is air ride or even hydraulics.

Drag Race cars need light weight parts up front so most use strut suspension or a modified version of the Mustang 2 style. These types of cars are not concerned if they corner well as long as the suspension works on acceleration and goes down the track straight.


What ever the trend, we can help you pick the right suspension for you ride. We will analyze what your needs are based on type and weight of vehicle and what you will be doing with it!


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This ws a FWD with a 2.2 4 banger, now a RWD with a 7.2 automatic and narrowed rearend
This was a Daytona Turbo Z FWD, now converted to RWD, Big Block, 4 speed and narrowed rearend
This a 2005 Cobalt SS supercharged, FWD. Converting to RWD, 650 hp 4 cylinder with twin turbos, full chassis and a narrowed 9" rearend.