Custom Frames


We build custom frames for Rods, Pro-Street Machines and Race vehicles. Each customer has different needs, based on usage of the vehicle and modifications required to keep the vehicle safe. Each and every vehicle has a different  frame and is different in condition. We can provide mild steel frames from 2x3, 2x4 tube or round tube frame rails, depending on your application. All frame tubes are a minimum of a .100 wall thickness, also depending on the application and rules for race cars. To insure that we buy only quality steel and that minimum thickness is adhered to, we only buy premium grade steel with proper mill specification sheets.


For our customers that are upgrading to a different type of suspension for their ride, we can provide a compete new fabricated frame or just part of it (front half or back half).  We can even provide Frame Ties to join the new suspension and frame, to the existing rear frame. Maybe you want to tub out the back half, we make the new back frame join to the front frame.


One of our customers bought a fiberglass shell from someone without a frame, we spent some time engineering it and now he has a new frame with front and rear suspension and all the body mounting hardware.


Frames can be fairly narrow or fairly wide. We engineer each application, then build gussets and bracing into the frame to keep it strong and prevent any unwanted twisting.


Some frames will need to be very ridged, like for pro-street or racing vehicles. We engineer a complete chassis for the vehicle this requires a roll bar, roll cage and a frame.  These chassis are built to the rules for the class.


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