Custom Fabrication


Aside from the usual frame and chassis work. We do all kinds of other fabrication work. On the body we: stretch or shrink wheel openings to match tire size or relocated wheel base centerlines, fill gas spout and antenna holes, shave door handles, marker lights and mirrors, change doors to gull wing or suicide doors, Chop roofs, modify rocker panels and ground effects.

We can graft parts from other vehicles or aftermarket to yours like a Barracuda shaker scoop on a Neon or a Lincoln trunk wheel hump to a Mustang. The possibilities are almost endless.


We also do other types of fabrication work like modify clutch linkage and pedals, brake master and pedals, emergency brake systems, suspension brackets, and cross members. We modify a variety of  engine parts like oil pans and pick-ups, valve covers and linkage brackets.


Once our chassis and suspension is done we offer complete interior work in steel or aluminum.

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corrosion repair
Gull wing doors Suicide doors
One-off chromed aluminum parts
Replacement panels