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English Wheel

This is a 36" cast English wheel with large and small wheels for shaping. Unlike fabricated units this wheel will withstand higher pressure and less deflection. This leads to faster fabrication and better quality shaping.

An example of what we can do with the english wheel is shown here. These pieces were used behind the rear seat on the 1958 Caddy (under completed projects).

Pullmax Shaping Machine

This Pullmax machine used with the proper dies can shape almost anything.

An example of a custom die with a sample piece shown

Shrinker / Stretcher

Deep throat Shrinker The shrinker was used on the corners of these parts to tighten the curves. Using just the english wheel without shrinking the corners results in a hump in the center of the curve.
Deep throat stretcher The stretcher is used to do just the opposite, such as useing it on the edges of these corners to lay down the hump a bit.
Bead Roller An example of a part we made using the bead roller. We used the bead wheels in the center to add strength, and the flange wheels on the edges to make the 90 degree bends.

Sheet Metal Roller

16 gauge x 48" hand sheet metal roller.


We use the sheet metal roller for such applications as wheel tubs, drive shaft tunnels, or any other single plain curves needed.
24" metal break
36" metal shear
Hypertherm Powermax 380 Plasma cutter Miller MIG 251 welder
Hobart mig welder and plasma cutter

Hammer Bag, Hammers, & Dollies

By pounding sheetmetal with the plastic/wooden hammers into the sandbag we get a rough shape that will be smoothed out later using the planishing hammer or english wheel

Miller TIG Welder  
Eastwood Tube Roller Eastwood Tube Roller Dies