Past Projects: 1969 Barracuda


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1969 Barracuda

This customer requested to have his car redone with a pro-street format. A complete rear chassis, frame ties, roll cage, rear end, fuel system, racing buckets, etc.

As you can see, the rust...the back half was worse, so it was a perfect candidate for a pro-street car First we cut the rear half of the floor out, then set the tires in place to acquire measurements for the rear end housing and frame
The rear quarters were pretty rough, so we graphed it sections from replacement panels and stretched the wheel opening for bigger tires.
The body was supported with bars in an X formation, then the floor was removed
After lots of measuring and coming up with a plan we fabricated rear frame and frame ties, then we custom made the roll cage.
Bracing for the fuel cell, battery tray, shock mounts, and any other brackets were fabricated and fitted to the chassis. Then we started installing the wheel tubs.
Dana 60 rear end was narrowed, 4 link brackets and bracing were attached. We also installed disc brakes.
The rear end was installed using 4-link, coil overs and wishbone. After setting all this up and installing the rear tires the drive shaft was fabricated and installed.
Cardboard templates were made for the rear section.
Templates were also made for the front section. From the templates all the aluminum panels were fabricated and fitted in the car.
Completed aluminum sheet work Showing custom battery hold down brackets.
A Cool pic of little rear and big buns! Setting up the wheelie bars
Everything was put in primer and reassembled, and ready to send to the customer.