Past Projects: 1964 Dodge Polara


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1964 Dodge Polara

This car was brought to us to have the floor repaired, a 6 point roll bar installed, and wheel wells stretched for bigger tires. Along with that the customer requested we change the rear end to a Dana 60 with posi and disc brakes. In order to put a 6 point roll bar in the car, we welded in permanent frame ties as this car is supercharged with a big block.

The rusted floor with the frame tie running from front frame to rear frame. Rusted floor cut out
Frame tie connected to the rocker panel All of the rust was cut out and floor plans were replaced.
Custom fabricated roll bar
Cut and stretched factory wheel wells. This allows for 3 more inches of rubber.
Dana 60 rear end customized for this car and the customers rims.