.. Completed Projects: 1967 Pontiac Parisienne 2+2


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This car came to us as a complete driver. It had already had a complete overhaul of a 502c.i. crate motor, powdercoated frame, all stainless hardware, new top, and a recently finished body and paint. However, the bodywork was sub-par to what the customer wanted. Once we disassembled it for a complete colour change we found indications of large amounts of filler and rotted metal. We decided that it was best to strip the whole car down to bare steel for a proper restoration. While we were at it we shaved all badges and the door handles. Some of the badges made their way back on the car via airbrush.
Below the windshield and the lower cowl were some of the roughest spots on the car
The quarter panels on the car had already been cut out and replaced on the previous body job. Unforunately, as we soon found out - replacement quarters for these cars (new or used) are very hard to find. It seems they made their own quarters on a metal break and made the contours of the car almost completely out of filler. We eventually tracked down a car we could cut the quarters off of to use on this car. These "new" quarters (although better than the ones on the car), still had their own rot. We repaired any weak areas and proceeded to graft them on.
Almost every panel on the car needed a small patch or some TLC.
The shell and every panel on the car was stripped clean and epoxied inside and out after the metal work was completed. This shows that the door handles and original mirror holes have been filled. we put "all metal" over all welding we do for extra corrosion prevention(inside and out if possible).
It is always exciting the first time you get to drive a completed project outside for a photo shoot to see it in the sun....even if it is a sloppy January day!
Keep an eye out for this one, chances are you will hear it before you see it!